Shotgun Photography

This is what I do
This is what I do

So many people want to be everything to everybody. So do I, but I know I can’t. I know what I’m good at and what I want to get better at. If I try to do everything for everyone, I will do a lot of mediocre work. Not my game…

I have seen the words “for all your photography needs”.  Really? I know that focusing on one or two areas can lead to reduced revenues in the beginning, but if you work at 2 things, wouldn’t you be a better photographer? Whether you do portraits and weddings, or Architecture and landscapes, or Fashion and Advertising, focusing your energy on one thing will be more beneficial in the long run.

Lets say you walk into a editor of a fashion magazines office, you lay your book down, open it up and put it in front of them. they look through it close the book and say “so, what do you do”?  What are you going to say? Everything for everyone? If you walk in and have a polished, focused book full of wonderful images of great models in designer clothes, the editor would know exactly what you do and what your ‘style” is. You still may not get the job , but the editor would know if something came up that fit your style, who to call up.

So do what you love and what you are good at. IF you have to turn down a job….(breathe)  that doesn’t fit what you do well, its better than turning out a lousy product that will put a bad asterisk by your name.

“Shotgun” techniques may work for a while. They may be good for your bank account, for a while, but if you want to keep progressing your work, finding better gigs on a regular basis, more consistent better paying clients, they will want to see a focused body of work.

Hitting a bulls eye is easier with a rifle and a scope, than a shotgun.

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