“All we have to fear, is fear itself.”


Great words said by a great American President. These word resonate in many minds of photographers, models or creatives. Fearing to take the shot or print the print, because we are afraid. Afraid that it is, or won’t be good enough, it might make someone mad or cause a uproar, or “I don’t know how to light it”, “I’m not sure I have the look.” So many things cross our mind,  fire in our synapses so fast, that we don’t even know its happening.

But fear is a big road block for so many that want to create or want to express. I  struggle still with it and it seems to overcome me at times. Not only fears of a shoot or the planning, but the fears of underlying concerns, like family pressures, finances, all have an impact on what we as artists do. It sometimes causes a block, or cause a shutdown all together, when what I really need to do is crerate more.

It sounds like an easy problem to over come, but to many, it is a concern that can leave your life unfulfilled.

My solution? Remember why you do what you do by doing it. Pick up the camera or brush, say yes to the shoot, even if you have a doubt about  its outcome. The worst that can happen is that you learn what not to do. The positives can be overwhelming.  A great result, a great new technique, meeting a great new person or finding something about yourself that you never knew.

Don’t hide who you are because you are afraid of what others will think. Be the person you know you are, and put it out there. Losing the fear of  having a fear is a truly freeing experience.

Take the demons that you face everyday, and show yourself that you can conquer them with strength that you now know you have.

Don’t fear the fear.

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