Baring your soul

I’ve written an out line for project I am doing. I have thought about this project for a couple of years now, but in the last month I’ve somehow come across with the inspiration. Events in my life that have triggered this came upon me all of a sudden. I’ve tried to start this many times but now I can’t not do it. I feel like I’m baring my soul, but then I look at what I have written down and I don’t think all will see it.

Don’t really care.

I’m doing this for me and if it is liked, so be it, if it is disliked, (which I’m sure some will) eh… at least I made you think. I’ve taken inspiration from others and made it my own, I hope that others do the same.

It’s my way saying that I am in here and even though it doesn’t seem like it to others, I have a lot to say about what is in my head and how it relates to the human condition. Not always what you want to hear or think I’m thinking, but bearing my soul in a way I know I can successfully communicate.

Look for the Project “13 Songs” coming in Fall of 2011. I hope you can see my soul.

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