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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Its been a while since I posted, A long while, but with the inspiration from a friend, Chris Keimig, who has a wonderful blog,  (Please check it out.) I’ve decided it’s not just me that struggles with keeping up with it.

Much has happened since the last post, moved studios, (about to do that again.) switched REAL jobs, tore my ACL and missed the summer soccer season, but most of all changed the focus of my work. For the longest time, I’ve definitely wanted to shoot fashion and glamor. I still do. However I have moved more to the artistic/editorial side of the genre. I’m sure this won’t even be close to the last time, but this move feels right to me in many ways. It feels like the expression through the lens is more true to who I am and what feel. Definitely…..  It also comes with changing the way I work and connect with viewers. So, with a new website planned and a change of address I am moving forward with the blog again. Full circle I guess.

I soon hope to have some new images to post here. I know that the ideas haven’t stopped, but now its time to put the ideas to paper, or at least my computer screen. watch me as I change lanes. At least I’m using my blinker.