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Monthly Archives: August 2012

We’ve all heard that things happen for a reason, right? Karma, fate, the balance of the universe. I do think things “happen”, but is it because they are meant to be or is it because you came to the intersection of luck and hard work?
Who knows. As soon as I start to think things are falling into place, then I take 2 steps back. Then they take off again. Wow, this is one roller coaster that I could do with out. Or is it? I think its like a adrenaline rush that I hate to love. I sometimes don’t snap an image for months. Then I shoot 3-4 times a week. I look at a lot of shooters and see they shoot night and day, and think I am slacking because of my lack of snaps. I guess its my process. I hate that word but it really describes my work.
I’m on the track heading to a plateau in the fun car and not knowing if I’m going to dip, twist, ride an even part or even come off the tracks. This is the best part of the ride.