The way I see it.

When I go out and about, through my day, I see many things, I see many people, I see dead people (Not really). I am saturated with seeing. I see things most don’t due to the nature of HOW I see. I am a photographer, I do use my camera and eye to create. However…. I don’t seem to want to, or have to, take my camera with me everywhere. I used to do this. Having my camera at the ready to take a shot of something cool. That got old really fast. It seems that the image most people have of a photographer is that. Ready to jump in and take shots of people and things and pretty flowers. Not saying I don’t enjoy a pretty flower or a cute baby, but this simply is not what I do. I feel that if I did shoot everything I saw I would not retain the feeling I had when i saw it.

I use my eye and camera to express myself in a way that is unique to me. I have an idea, a feeling, a statement sometimes. I use these things that I see everyday, read in the news, learn from others, read on social media, to mix with what I am feeling or want to say in an image.

An idea is a fleeting thing for most. With me it stays in my brain’s memory card for a very long time. Sometime if festers and grows until I get it out. Sometimes it just sits in longterm parking until I am ready to drive it again. I am always working on something. I am always thinking of new ways and things to see, and how those things affect me.

So… I love your babies, I love your flowers, and I might take some shots if they really move me. I just see them differently than you.Image

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