Welcome to the machine

If find a lot of photographers and artists doing many things. Shooting, writing, teaching… etc. I also see many donning many hats within just the studio photography industry. It seems to me that they are saying that they do a lot of things well, but nothing great. 

Now I’m not here to beat down my colleagues, to each their own. It just seems to me that if I  wanted a event catered by a restaurant,  I would not go to Old Country Buffet. If I had no idea about food, maybe I would, but after, I would probably say, that was ok, I’m full but not really satisfied.

Is it just me?

I think that after a while you would at least say to yourself, I do this (insert genre here) very well and I enjoy it, so i’m going to focus on it. 

In my opinion if you have the whole spread of services on the table it would become a job. Again, maybe some of you are content with that. So be it. I just want more.

I want to love what I do and break out of the lemming formation that has become the norm in this world. I’m not satisfied. thats it, I’m never satisfied for very long. I always want more out of my work. I want to get whats in my head, out. If that means floating through different genres of work to find the one that satisfies you for the moment then, I think I could sleep better at night thinking about that, then worrying about my “job”.

Now back to reality. We all have to make ends meet. Right?

Welcome to the machine.


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