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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Yes I’m back.

After careful negotiations with a good friend and fellow photographer, I am resuscitating the blog just before it flat lines. ___________________ Beep________Beep_________. I hope the future is brighter for this little jumble of words. I hope my grammar feeds it nutritionally.

Who knew, building sites, finding keywords, renaming images with long names followed by .png or .jpg  are all part of the modeling, art, fashion and photography world. Well they are for this St.Paul Photography guy with the website (see what I did there?).

I guess a big part of photography is knowing the best words to feed to the monster that is Google. Which, by the way is taking over the world one search at a time, or know the best people that know how to do it.

I know that this part will help me reach more eyeballs of people searching for something I can give them, but I almost envy the artists of past selling their images on the streets to those who passed by. The only information gap they had to bridge might have actually been a bridge.

I hope to see more of you seeing me very soon. As I am reloading my website with lots of new images with loooooong names. oh that would be, modeling, Fashion, Art and St.Paul, Minnesota. (I just can’t help myself).

but this one is mine:DSC_7899-1