Ya… What the hell is it? In the eye of the beholder? Maybe, but I hear so many people say “I’m not artistic”, but yet they write a short story on facebook about a ex or a family member or a boss that they hate. Hmmmm WTF. When people ask me what I try to say in my art, my answer is “if it doesn’t change you in some way, I’ve failed”. I stole that from Henri Cartier-Bresson I think, but I feel its pretty accurate.

I think if people would just take the time to get in touch with themselves they could figure out where to get inspiration. Instead of  laying it out for everyone to see on Facebook, draw a picture, play the clarinet you have from high school, stack your spice bottles in different way, mow the lawn in a different direction so it looks like a baseball field. If all else fails mold your mash potatoes into the shape of Devils Tower. Then… step back and describe what you see.

A lot of artists draw off many different motivations, life, love, personal beliefs, changing the world etc…but basically its simple. Find a release, an outlet. I’m not saying leave your job and start selling mash potato sculptures on street corners, but take the time when something is on your mind and do something that gives you the satisfaction of saying “wow this shows how I feel…” Sing a damn song if you have to just,


Ok I feel better.




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