Shoot Anatomy

As anatomy is the study of the structure of the Human body, Photo shoots take on a life of their own. I will take you through the thought process of one of mine. Although its an accurate account of a specific shoot, many of the particulars are unique to the individual shoot. It seems each shoot takes on a life of its own. I think I like it that way as each shoot is born, lives, matures and dies. This way I hope to never get into a rut by doing the same theme or the same post processing every time. I find you can still do this and still stay within a personal style, or expand it.  I won’t go passed the basic set of lights and such. That’s the photographers choice.

So this model and I have shot several times. We’d been trying to set up another shoot, (probably our 5th or 6th shoot.) I had in mind a specific idea and so did she. They were kind of opposite but I was ok with that as we both knew the others wants and needs.

So finally, we set the date and the themes. I wanted to shoot some vinyl looking pieces, She wanted some head shot type of work for an upcoming trip to California.

The shoot started with a couple of outfits.  A red dress and a white skirt with stripe top. We shot with a variety of back grounds and and poses. I set my lights to a 3 to 2 ratio and used my trusty 17-55 and began to click. We shot the head shot work first. Shoeless and casual. That gave a free felling to the shots. I think it worked.

Then we went to the vinyl looking outfits. She changes and we shot a few places in the studio, things were “ok” I was was feeling that there should be more, so we went to the hallway and stairway. The stairway is on the top floor of the building so there was no one around. There is a dead elevator shaft in the center of a winding stairway enclosed in industrial cyclone fencing that is painted black. I brought along my SB-900 Flash set in remote mode so I could shoot it off camera. We started shooting in the stairway and Right away I knew it was the right spot. Sometimes thats just how it goes. You can try to force something but it just doesn’t work. You can’t force something that just isn’t there.

BOOM done.. That was it. We shot for about two hours and were done. Once I saw the results of what we shot in the staircase, I was happy and she saw good shots she could take to California. Pretty simple right?

This just one example. I think every one is different but usually there is one moment in each shoot where you go… ya… this is the set I want!

And Voila!


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