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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Here’s a question, How do you select 10-15 images to print and hang for sale or viewing from over 6 terabytes images? I’ve set out to pick a few for an upcoming Art Crawl in St Paul. ( Now I open some files an BAM! there it is… All the stuff I’ve done over the years right in my face. Great right!?

Unfortunately, I’m the type of artist that pretty much hates everything he has done every 6 months. I mean there are some I still like, some ones that people I know like,¬† Sooooo, I have to go through them look at them, decipher¬† what I like and what I don’t, then figure out I need to shoot more….

Come to the Art Crawl on 25th/26th/27th of April and see what my toiling has produced.



A lot of people seek out others work to give them inspiration.  It can be a good thing depending on what your motive is. If your looking to find someone to emulate then I think its a risky thing. I do look at others work both modern and classic to see both whats out there and what is lasting, but I do it more to see how someone is seeing things or how they light or edit. Themes and poses of current day people I look to see what they are doing to see trends and how I can not repeat it. I like originality. Leading and not following.

That takes me to now. I share studio place with great people. One is a portrait shooter who does babies and families, one is a wedding/glamour shooter, one is a fashion portrait artist and graphic designer. Me, well you know me… this mixture seems to work well. We all have our strength. We all have our short comings.. I really look forward to working together with these people, giving, taking and growing as artists. Sharing a studio can be/should be more than just sharing keys and a Google calender. It should be continuing education.

We are planning a big shindig for the St.Paul art crawl in April 2014, so….keep these people in your sights.