Continuing Education

A lot of people seek out others work to give them inspiration.  It can be a good thing depending on what your motive is. If your looking to find someone to emulate then I think its a risky thing. I do look at others work both modern and classic to see both whats out there and what is lasting, but I do it more to see how someone is seeing things or how they light or edit. Themes and poses of current day people I look to see what they are doing to see trends and how I can not repeat it. I like originality. Leading and not following.

That takes me to now. I share studio place with great people. One is a portrait shooter who does babies and families, one is a wedding/glamour shooter, one is a fashion portrait artist and graphic designer. Me, well you know me… this mixture seems to work well. We all have our strength. We all have our short comings.. I really look forward to working together with these people, giving, taking and growing as artists. Sharing a studio can be/should be more than just sharing keys and a Google calender. It should be continuing education.

We are planning a big shindig for the St.Paul art crawl in April 2014, so….keep these people in your sights.



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