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Monthly Archives: July 2014

I’ve been thinking lately about how many photographers out there are selling themselves as “do everything” photographers.
To me that would just be a job. I realize that marketing is a important part of what a commercial artist does, but again to me, it seems that if you “do everything” you most likely do one or two things well and the others you just throw in to make yourself busier.
I would rather do the things I love and get better at it everyday.
Not sure if its because I’m hard headed or old school but its seems that I just feel strongly about doing one thing and doing it right.
Do any of you feel the same? Different? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



I will be adding images, videos and stories (that always arise) about my next few shoots. Hopefully to give you insight to the controlled chaos that is a photo shoot.
I have been generating ideas for a series of fashion shoots using the motivation I’ve taken from the masters, then again using their style of “this is what’s been discovered, but what if I did this” method.
Hopefully prodding my creativity to something that’s fresh and out of my comfort zone.
That needs a good stretch as well.
Stay tuned as this will be either boring as hell or mind blowing. I rarely go in between.