I wonder what’s its like to have nothing to do but express what you want to, whenever you want, without consequence. I wonder what its like to be free from bounds that keep the inner you, from the inner you?

At this point I can’t imagine what it would feel like.

What I do know is that I think I have enough life references to finish out this life artistically, picking up some more inspiration along the way.

I think I want my images to say something. I mean, they do now to an extent, but I want more. After all the life I’ve had so far I think I can say a lot. I hear some say that I’m the only one holding me back. Perhaps, but also all these things that made who I am are the things that drive my imagination.

As my mom always instructed me, “Remember who you are.”

Don’t worry mom, all that cerebral memory ain’t going away. It just needs to come out to play.



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