Witnessing a performing artist to me is inspirational. Watching a musician or dancer or comedian expose his or her soul on the stage seems so fulfilling to me. Not just to the audience but to the performer as well.  The look of not even knowing where they are, just doing what they do is something I’m a little jealous of. As a visual artist I can only hope the viewer sees my work and is inspired by what I have put to paper. The inspiration I have in producing my medium is hidden in not only the studio, but in the post production. Then it is sent out to fend for itself. No live audience or ticket sales, no street posters or t shirts to be purchased.  It HAS to stand alone and be powerful enough to live on. The passion is there, you just have to hope someone else gets it too.

It doesn’t mean that its not passionate or produced with passion but just that the physical part is just not expressed in town after town or club after club.

I know some performers venture into or desire the visual side of the arts and that to me shows that either of the side of the arts you are on, the passion to produce and be seen, heard or perform is at the same level. Still, I want to show my soul on stage too. I want the viewers of my work to see that even though its not a live performance, no applause, no oncore, the passion and soul exposing is still there.

Next time you see a product of a visual artist, think about what they put into it to get it there. You should take what you feel when you see it and know that that is the performance.


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