Numbing it down

I heard fans of a band that recently passed through the Twin Cities recently say that the band didn’t allow the fans to even to look at their phones during a concert. If they did they were asked to leave. Many thought it was extreme, some said to live in the moment is a good thing.

After a little processing, I can see where the band is coming from. After posting images social media and seeing the constant posting of others, I’ve come to the conclusion of….. why?

I mean I get it. Promote and share. But whats the cost? Not that I want to go back to the past, however, if “everything” out there, what makes anything special? When the band plays with no phones is it playing worse?  I just seems to me that the fan who wants to live in the moment has something. Live the moment and let the music change you as it happens.

The thing that happens with seeing photos no stop for one after the other 2.3 seconds on your phone, it becomes a numbing of what is really happening. The images are produced, then posted and scrolled. then the viewer looks for the next post.

The desensitizing from looking at a piece has become the new numb. I plan to change that. At least in my work. I’m not in this to be a part of the cog. Its easy to get sucked into the “Right Now” mentality.  Show me show me show me, Look at me look at me look at me. Then its gone…..

Is it worth it?





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