Building the Perfect Beast.

“Do something 1000 times and you’ve got it down” My Father.

“Your first 10,000 photos are the worst.” Henri Cartier Bresson.

I struggle often, to find the thing that satisfies me artistically. As we all do, I’m sure. The time it actually does is like a Phoenix rising from something that has been inside you and begging to come out.

Getting there is the journey. Everything you do seems is either futile of so frustrating the end seems as if it will never come. Hitting the note, getting the capture, mixing the right colors, all seem so difficult. Then it hits……. and you realize that everything you’ve done to this point has led to this moment. Without realization or the ability to see it coming.

Everything you’ve been doing has led to this moment of clarity. Yet you’ve not been able to see the forest from the trees until you have cleared the tops. If only you could see the path, or the beast as its being built. Would it be the same? Would you reach the point of satisfaction if you didn’t have the struggle?  I’m thinking no. But it would be fucking easier…

Keep building your beast until you can look it in the eye and say “hey, there you are.”


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