Art of Life, Art of death

As I literally sit and watch my Uncle die, It helps me see the the paths we take as human beings. I tend to see life as one long work of art. From tragedy, to humor, to the drama of the human condition. We strut and fret our “hour upon the stage” even though our hour is a blip on the radar of existence, we look at it as a finality when we die.

The Art of a life is what you share with others when you can, how you interact with who you know and who you don’t. Similarly is art. You put what you know and feel out and let those who interact with it and hopefully gain something from it. You can only do so much, then you let others take from it and do the rest. The life may be great, it may be full of disappointment, but when others see it or learn from it, it becomes a piece of them.

Those of us in a 1st world country are promised so much, and the the majority of us never achieve it. The few who do are recognized for their achievements by the masses are remembered, reviewed and used as examples. However all of us have impact. Whether it be small or large, we have impact. The art, is how its lived and how the meaning its spread. Be it one person at a time, in a text book, a gallery or stage.

The Art of death…

Awww death, the great unknown and beyond. Other than the religious connotations, its pretty simple. We stop.

Its a reminder to all of us who are not dead, of how much like the rest of the animal world we really are. An organism that has one function. Survive. When we fail one last time, either suddenly or over time, we finish our part in the universal time line and the universe goes on as it had billions of years before we cut in line.

With this final process we make others around us not only question themselves, their beliefs, their reasons for existence, it can produce huge waves of emotions that force us to see our mortality.

If this was painting, photograph, or any work of art, we would most certainly hold it in the highest esteem. So moving, that we would have difficulty hearing, seeing or holding it. The ultimate finality is the closing piece to an art show that we have producing for years.

Man, what a fucking motivator.

Nusi Sipokni Tushka!

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